There is a certain segment of every society/civilization that believes they are not beholden to the same rules and regulations as the rest. They perceive themselves to be aristocrats or royalty, blue-bloods who are intrinsically better and should not be held down or back from fulfilling their destiny. (Never mind about other people’s destinies, which are less desirable and certainly short sighted). Better that they prosper so that they can lead the masses out of the squalor of hopelessness and poverty!

The biggest deterrent to their plans is that the masses don’t always play nicely. We must be cajoled, fooled, tricked, bought-off.  Our desire for a better life for our children must be somehow dimmed, distracted or replaced.  If people are made desperate enough – if they don’t earn enough or are so deep in debt that they will never own a home and can barely make their payments for the staples of life – they won’t have the stamina and will to question why a few have so much and why a few don’t abide by the same rules as they do. They will not have the energy to question the supposed supremacy of capitalism or their doubts about socialism.

Wake up people and smell the coffee (as they used to say)! We have given our liberties away for a false belief that government knows best and that companies won’t sell out their workers because they need them too much. I’m afraid they don’t need us nearly as much as we need them. They have guarantees, we have none. We’ve done this to ourselves folks, by letting business have its way in everything in hopes of a payout some day. But the payouts go to the share-holders and we are not them: not in business and not in government.

(There, that feels better!)

– written by jbm 6/2017