The movie, Paterson (starring  Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani), is a meditation.  The plot is largely inconsequential.  The movie just “is.”  The world Jim Jarmusch creates is idyllic.  People don’t have ulterior motives, they are as they appear to be.  It’s a movie about creating poetry.  It shows us that poetry can be written about life’s everyday occurrences and that poetry heightens our experience of life (both in the creating and in the reading of it).

Jarmusch has given us a gift with this movie, the gift of an alternative universe in which individuality is respected.  The movie is not without conflict, but this mostly concerns matters of love.  We get the sense that all things can and will be worked out because we are all reasonable people.  And the things that make our lives fraught:  stereotyping, judging, shaming, hypocrisy, etc. are not here.  Isn’t an hour and a half visit to this world well worth the cost of admission?  I believe it is.

Thank you Jim Jarmusch for this little bit of respite!


– written by jbm 5/21/2017

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