Easily forgotten
days of wonder
nights of mystery

Easily forgotten
summer’s long wanderings in the woods
winter’s sledding and ice-skating
spring’s magical awakening smells
autumn’s frosty mornings, brittle falling leaves, colors, fire smoke, the promise of snow

Easily forgotten
when Christmas meant hopes and wishes
when birthdays were anticipated
when five dollars bought you an album that transported you across the universe

Easily forgotten
when lies were something terrible
when name-calling was impolite
when debate was civil
when elected officials attempted to listen to their constituents
when we had faith that government had our best interests at heart
when we believed that government would come to the right and fair decision once matters were fully discussed and compromises were made

Forgotten no more!

(If nostalgia is an opiate, memories can be strong medicine)

– written by jbm 2/10/2017