[As hyperlinks can change or get removed, I am providing the subject title for you to cut and paste into youtube search, if you feel so inclined.  List added to periodically]

Cornel West: The Difference Between Justice and Revenge:  from Big Think.

John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare:  short rumination on an important subject from Big Think blog mentioned below).

Big Think Youtube site:  “Big Think is the leading source of expert-driven, actionable, educational content — with thousands of videos, featuring experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye, we help you get smarter, faster. We aim to help you explore the big ideas and core skills that define knowledge in the 21st century, so you can apply them to the questions and challenges in your own life.”

James Baldwin- I heard it through the grapevine: documentary on author James Baldwin’s 1980’s return to the South to visit the people and places pivotal to the civil rights movement.  I can’t recommend this documentary enough!  Wonderful music, brilliant conversations, special moments captured for all time.

BBC The Art of Japanese Life:  recent HD production in three episodes covering the following aspects of Japanese life 1. Nature 2. Cities 3. Home

Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press:  a great short documentary on the beginning of the printed page and books.

Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature:  he’s been inscrutable for so many years I wonder if it feels good to express himself like this. We all know he’s uncomfortable (guarded) in interviews, but here he’s interviewing himself. [see also Musicares Speech with much insight into his view on music and songwriting:  http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/read-bob-dylans-complete-riveting-musicares-speech-20150209]

Forest Man:  written and directed by William D McMaster.  Since the 1970’s Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has single handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park NYC. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland, into a lush oasis. Humble yet passionate and philosophical about his work. Payeng takes us on a journey into his incredible forest.  [per Polygon Window Productions and Title Media]

Radio Open Source:  An independent radio show about ideas. Also the first podcast. Hosted by Christopher Lydon since 2003.

Jean Michel Basquiat ‘Shooting Star’:  thorough (if a little dated) British documentary on the famous New York “Graffiti” painter

James Baldwin Speaks! The Fire This Time: A Message to Black Youth:  fantastic address to and Q&A with high school students June 1963.  A quintessential example of his precise mind and deep understanding of socio-political-racial – cultural – ethical matters in the United States

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives – Part I,II,III:  Mark Everett of the eels band explores his father’s legacy in the field of quantum physics

Television Archive: Omnibus Douglas Adams Tribute Documentary 2001: wonderful doc on Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, et al.  Interviews include members of Monty Python and other greats of British comedy, television, film, entertainment, even science

Blank on Blank (PBS): Animated interviews with movers and shakers from all walks of life (musicians, author, directors, actors, politicians, scientists, etc.)

Hunter S. Thompson recalls a speech by Jimmy Carter on Bob Dylan and Martin Luther King, Jr.:  Hunter explains the importance of Carter’s speech delivered during University of Georgia’s Law Day  197?.  The speech can be found at:  http://www.jimmycarterlibrary.gov/documents/law.pdf

Why We Fight (BBC4 documentary): a look at the USA’s long preoccupation with going to war – there are other docs with the same title but this particular doc begins with Eisenhower’s famous Military Industrial Complex speech

Thor Harris: major depression chapter one on the Mental Health Channel:  a sincere and moving  autobiographical piece on Thor’s battle with depression, presented in Thor’s unique way

Thor Harris Reading – Basilica Soundscape 2014: Thor reads an open letter to everyone and everything important to him – humorous, self depricating, very honest

Patti Smith and David Lynch talk Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Pussy Riot: I love how David Lynch and Patti Smith think. I realized while watching this interview that I’m ok with not knowing the “how” or the “why” of things

Patti Smith: I Will Always Live Like Peter Pan: a nice informal chat with Patti Smith that gives insight into the artist and her process

The Whitest Kids U’ Know – Pledge of Allegiance: cynical? hell yeh! True? Unfortunately

John Cleese – How To Irritate People 1968: a classic, the title says it all

Johnny Rotten’s Tour of London: John Lydon is irascible, hypercritical, outspoken, and a humanist more than an anarchist

Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking:  Fry is so brilliant and well spoken, its always a pleasure to listen to him.  Intellegent and brief discussion on the current state of free thought.  FYI: his autobiographical audiobooks can be found on Youtube.  They are hilarious!

David Mitchell’s Soapbox: very witty, literate fun on many subjects (he’s the guy from BBC’s popular comedy series “Peep Show”

Thank you: Youtube for giving us access to so much great stuff without demanding payment. And to all Youtube channelers for the devotion and care you put into your presentations. We all benefit from your willingness to share.