[As hyperlinks can change or get removed, I am providing the subject title for you to cut and paste into youtube search, if you feel so inclined.  List added to periodically]


The Criterion Collection:  the CC Youtube site has a wealth of information on a variety of films.  Click on videos for a complete listing.

The Criterion Collection – 10 Things I Learned:  written by a variety of experts, one paragraph per “thing,” wonderful material for playing trivial pursuit.

I am Belfast (2015) Full Movie:  wonderful movie written and directed by film critic Mark Cousins.  The film is narrated by an older woman personifying the city itself and interviewed by Cousins.  A highly unique movie experience.

Orson Welles – Interview (1974):  exceptional interview by Michael Parkinson covering a range of subjects.  Welles is erudite, witty, astute, and highly entertaining.

Aki Kaurismaki on Ozu:  Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki provides a short tribute to his mentor, Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu.

David Lynch 1999 SCENE BY SCENE interview; a remarkable interview with David Lynch conducted by Mark Cousins.  Lynch’s way of looking at things is utterly unique and Cousins appears to be alternately amused and baffled by the answers/nonanswers he receives to his questions.  Frequently Lynch’s reply is an emphatic “No” with no further elaboration and to Cousins’ credit he plows ahead with his questions.  At one point Cousins actually says, “I don’t believe you” when Lynch admits that he believes in angels.  This interview is a rare glimpse into the unique genius of David Lynch and is useful in understanding his work a little bit.  He definitely sees the world quite differently from most.

TimesTalks: Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop:  Interviewed by the NYT’s concerning Jarmusch’s long planned and awaited documentary on The Stooges “Gimme Danger.”

Kermode & Mayo Film Review:   bbc radio film review program with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, offers up intelligent analysis and commentary.

Kermode Uncut:  film reviews by BBC’s Mark Kermode with movie clips.

BFI – Ask a Filmaker:  indispensable interviews.

BFI – Ask an Actor:  same.

Every Frame a Painting:  Watching a few of these really gave me a better handle on how movies are made and the importance of cinematography to the success of a film.

Moviedrome – Alex Cox and Mark Cousins:  essential short film essays on cult films presented by director Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy) and movie critic and movie maker Mark Cousins (The Story of Film – An Odyssey).  Both gents have their own unique perspective on the craft of film making which is well evident in this series.
Recommended:  Mark Cousins’ intro to the Tim Burton movie “Ed Wood” with a lovingly thorough essay on director Ed Wood.
Recommended:  Alex Cox’s intro to “The Wicker Man” which is an excellent essay on the definition of a cult film.
See also: http://moviedromer.tumblr.com/

The Life and Times of Don Luis Buñuel: 1984 BBC Arena documentary, wonderful intro to this famous Spanish director of such classics as The Phantom of Liberty, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Belle De Jour, and That Obscure Object of Desire.

Arena – John Cassavetes (1989): very happy to have found this one as info on JC is hard to find.  Hugely influential as one of the first independent filmmakers.  He was also an actor.  His movies are not standard fare and therefore do not get much (if any) play but he is deeply revered by his fellow film makers and actors.

Omnibus – The Cinema Of Satyajit Ray (1988):  overview of the great Indian director, with particular attention paid to his famous Apu Trilogy.  Includes interviews with Ray and clips from the films.

Critics Pics nyt:  choice films expertly (and briefly) reviewed by new york times film reviewer A.O.Scott.  Great way to beef up your film collection and knowledge.

Criterion Collection: 3 Reasons: provides concise insight into movies you’ve maybe never heard of or were curious about but couldn’t see the woods for the trees (netflix anyone?).  Often done with a sense of humor.

The new German cinema, Herzog, Fassbinder, Schlöndorff, Wenders, Syberberg:  BBC Omnibus production introducing widely and for the first time (as far as I know) “the new German cinema.”

Yasujirô Ozu – The Depth of Simplicity:  very well made film essay on the director, pretty high brow so be prepared to think, or be like me and accept that I may only understand 2/3 of what’s said but enjoy the great cuts from his films!

Mel Brooks, Robert Altman, Peter Bogdanovich, Frank Capra Dick Cavett Show 1972:  very rare opportunity to listen to these great directors on one show!

(fyi: BBC Omnibus as well as BBC Arena  are great resources that you should definitely explore on Youtube)


Thank you:  Youtube for giving us access to so much great stuff without demanding payment.  And to all Youtube channelers for the devotion and care you put into your presentations.  We all benefit from your willingness to share.