Lets find common ground

Lets help each other succeed

Lets think less about borders and more about cooperation

Lets think less about terror and more about supplying hope

Lets think less about differences and more about similarities

Lets think less about problems and more about solutions

It’s not about right and wrong, good and bad, us and them (these are always divisive terms and haven’t we got enough of that!) but about making the planet more habitable for all.

Now more than ever we need a bill of basic human rights that all countries can agree to and contribute to so that everyone benefits (you know,  things like:  phase one: healthcare, housing, food, water – phase two: freedom of religion, speech, sexual orientation, etc.)  We need a UN whose sole aim is to see this bill of rights implemented universally.  Wars and other acts of aggression would violate people’s rights and would put the perpetrator in violation).

Until we find a way to overcome our perceived differences (because its so much about perception) we will not progress as a species and most certainly destroy ourselves (possibly taking the planet with us). Cynically, I see humans as a cancer upon planet earth.  Positively, I want to believe that we have choice and reason which can potentially remedy (probably not entirely cure) the cancer of our tribal and carnivorous natures.

– written by jbm 1/1/2017