…in no particular order:

  1. commits a serious diplomatic misstep within the first 4-6 weeks of presidency
  2. impeached during his 3rd or 4th year (with bipartisan support)
  3. petition drives are formed state by state to force another election
  4. brain drain: companies and individuals move outside the US
  5. US undergoes a cultural revolution in which creativity in business, entertainment, and the arts are stiffled, ridiculed, defunded, cutoff to wither and die
  6. many public programs established or encouraged over past 8 years will end
  7. military coup:  one or more branches of the military refuse to carry out his orders
  8. canada and mexico sever diplomatic relations
  9. alec baldwin will have plenty of work
  10. major disagreements with EU leading to severing of ties
  11. make nice with russia, drop out of NATO as a result
  12. make nice with s. america and other countries who need USA cash, lose some long time allies as a result
  13. break ties with philippines and turkey as they are too critical of USA
  14. build wall with prison labor
  15. sports and movie revenues increase as USA becomes more isolated and vilified globally (international travel less affordable and desirable)
  16. get more reading done by not watching the news for 4 years
  17. china calls in our loans
  18. finish pipeline
  19. close some parks
  20. pence eventually assumes presidency after trump found guilty of criminal actions prior to presidency and after exhausting all appeal processes

– written by jbm 11/10/2016