The British comedy series Saxondale, starring Steve Coogan, ran for only 2 seasons but what a great run it was!  It is, for me, the best of all worlds:  bust your gut funny, lovingly silly, honestly human, nostalgic, at times almost philosophical but always tongue in cheek. Coogan plays Tommy Saxondale, former roadie to all the great bands (minus – to his constant regret – Led Zeppelin) and now owner and operator of a pest control business. His girlfriend is younger and deeper emotionally than he, but they complement each other wonderfully. She is owner of a t-shirt shop in which she sells her own creations which are, like her boyfriend, exquisitely un-PC. His laid back young assistant – who acts as Tommy’s foil – stoically endures endless unsolicited advice and counseling from his eccentric boss. The wit and wisdom which Tommy spouts in every episode as well as the continuing visual/verbal gags, vivid tour reminiscences, curmudgeonly opinions on many subjects and rapid fire banter delivered in Coogan’s earnest exaggerated style make the show a pure joy. What comes across most in this series are Tommy’s many enthusiasms, his unwavering beliefs and good intentions.  He is someone you would want as a friend – but definitely in small doses.  (Good luck finding the series, however you can get a sampling on YouTube if you want a taste).

jbm 10/2/2016