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  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised -Gil Scott Heron:  bbc4 doc about the incomparable GSH, very much worth a watch. His is fearless honest social political commentary through poetry, prose, and song.
  • Capitol Theater:  many hours of concert footage here, everyone from Linda Ronstadt to the Clash; B-52’s to Lou Reed; Prince to Jerry Garcia.
  • Rory Gallagher – Me And My Music, Dublin, Ireland – February 14, 1977:  well before MTV unplugged, RG did this entirely acoustic show for RTE (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) One.  Point of fact, RG routinely did an acoustic portion in his live shows, something Clapton has co-opted in recent years.  This show is particularly special because there isn’t much acoustic RG to be found on CD so this must suffice! And by the way, he was a superb acoustic guitarist!
  • King Crimson Live in Frejus,1982:  in their prime (I saw them during this tour so I’ve got some nostalgia bias, but all in all a great intro to the supergroup for the novice and a reminder of how truly innovative they were for us oldsters).
  • Arena -Alone with Chrissie Hynde BBC Documentary 2017:  insights into the thoughts and feelings of this somewhat reclusive singer.
  • Songwriters Circle (Series 1 Episode 1) – Richard Thompson/Suzanne Vega/Loudon Wainwright III (2010):  candid session with three great singer/songwriters. This series (songwriters circle) in general is worthwhile viewing.
  • You See Me Laughin’: the last of the hill country bluesmen (Mississippi Blues documentary – 2002):  the wondrous story of Fat Possum Records;  Director: Mandy Stein/Starring: R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Cedell Davis, T Model Ford, Bono (U2), Iggy Pop.
  • Allen Toussaint Documentary:  phenomenal doc on the legendary New Orleans pianist, composer, arranger, producer, songwriter, singer with Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Aaron Neville, Dr. John, among others (the soundtrack has some holes as a few songs have been cut due to copyright).
  • Leon Russell – Homewood Session 1970-12-05: a fascinating low-fi video of a spontaneous Leon Russell recording session first aired on a small local television station. They don’t make tv like this no more, too raw, too uncommercial, too un-pc.
  • The Great Hunger:The Life & Songs Of Shane MacGowan (Complete Version):  insights into the founder of The Pogues from his parents, Bono, Sinead, Christy Moore, Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Nick Cave, Ronnie Drew, et al.  Nice performances of many of his self-penned hits that provide fresh appreciation.
  • Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature:  he’s been inscrutable for so many years I wonder if it feels good to express himself like this. We all know he’s uncomfortable (guarded) in interviews, but here he’s interviewing himself. [see also Musicares Speech for insight into his views on music and songwriting:]
  • Elvis Costello & the Attractions 1978-06-15 Rockpalast:  ahhh remember when Elvis Costello was a skinny angry young man?  He and the Attractions are at their angst-y rapid fire best here.
  • Hank Wilson’s Back!:  a joyous collection of country covers delivered by Leon Russell and friends including:  Guitar: Chip Young, Rhythm Guitar: Billy Sanford
    Electric Bass Guitar: Carl Radle, Electric Guitar: Pete Wade, Upright Bass: Bob Moore.  This is a wonderful album even for those generally averse to country music.  I learned about the album by watching the newly released Les Blank documentary “A Poem is a Naked Person” (Criterion Collection) which I also recommend highly.
  • AMERICAN EPIC – (per PBS) “…takes us on a journey across time to the birth of modern music, when the musical strands of a diverse nation first combined, sparking a cultural renaissance that forever transformed the future of music and the world.” Executive produced by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford and Jack White. [a PBS production].
  • Eric Burdon – The Animals And Beyond (Awesome Documentary): Reminds us just how influential and phenomenal these guys were!  This doc will help convince you if you are not already a fan!
  • John Prine – Sessions at West 54th (full concert):  JP is always great!
  • Van Morrison – Up on Cyprus Avenue:  (per Youtube): “Recorded on his 70th birthday, highlights of Van Morrison’s unique live performance on the Belfast avenue he made famous through the iconic album Astral Weeks.”
  • Frank Zappa – A day with Frank Zappa – Doc 1971:  nice intro to Zappa music and philosophy.
  • Thelonious Monk – Live In ’66 Norway & Denmark concerts:  transcendent performance in glorious black & white/with Drums- Ben Riley, Bass-Larry Gales, and Tenor Saxophone – Charlie Rouse.
  • Joe Strummer – Burning Lights (I Hired A Contract Killer HD): Joe and cameo by Aki (sunglasses salesman) from the Aki Kaurasmaki movie “I Hired A Contract Killer” Wonderful!
  • The Pogues with Joe Strummer – I Fought The Law:  poor vid quality but sound is good, very rare!  Strummer produced The Pogues album “Hell’s Ditch.”
  • Luke Kelly Sings ‘On Raglan Road’:  gives me shivers every time I watch this performance! Luke Kelly sings and plays banjo accompanied by Al O’Donnell on guitar.
  • Iggy Pop – Live Austin City Limits:  priceless recent performance (11/2016) by IP with his latest band which he considers his best.  Less frenetic than other performances which is ok as:  1. you can actually catch the words 2. he’s got nothing more to prove, just have some fun with the audience 3. the dude is in his 60’s!
  • PJ Harvey Video Interview Part One & Two:  PJ seldom gives interviews and I believe this is the definitive interview (for NME) covering her creative process, specifically the creation of her excellent CD “Let England Shake.”
  • Krautrock The Rebirth of Germany == full length documentary (with Translating tools):  well made and thorough look at the birth and development of Germany’s music movement after WWII.
  • Arena – Brian Eno – Another Green World:   Eno is a fascinating artist who works well outside the one dimension of music, he is an eloquent advocate for artistic expression (from BBC4).
  • David Bowie Live Nassau Coliseum’76 (HQ): crystal clear production, he’s all business and at the top of his game, fun cover of “Waiting for the Man” and absolutely crazy version of “Panic in Detroit.”
  • Bruce Cockburn Life and Times Documentary: rare documentary covering a great folk/world/activist artist, reminded me of all the things I admire about the man.  I’m currently reading his autobiography entitled “Rumours of Glory” which I will review/quote eventually.
  • PUNK Attitude documentary: great performances, rare footage, as told by those who experienced it. Super interviews with members of the Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, Television, Suicide, MC5, etc.
  • Neil Young – In Concert 1971 BBC [1080p]:  singing songs from Harvest and After the Goldrush among others, Neil hitting his first stride.
  • The Irish Rock Story: A Tale of Two Cities (2015): great footage, well documented, in HD (BBC).
  • Ray Davies “Imaginary Man”: filmed by Julian Temple, very nice, very thorough, very insightful look at the co founder of The Kinks (now Sir Ray Davies).
  • Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965):  original documentary (great quality) about a new young poet from Montreal before he picked up a guitar (at Judy Collins’ insistence).  A little over-pretentious, but one must consider the time it was made…
  • Stina Dabrowski interviews Leonard Cohen (2001):  The elder statesman talking candidly about life, love, poetry, music, etc.
  • I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman: one of the few docs on this great singer/songwriter, poor quality video but lovingly and carefully made by a self professed fan who is fortunately a good journalist.
  • The True History Of The Traveling Wilbury’s: promo doc about the Wilbury’s with interviews with everybody (but Dylan) and plenty of home movie type footage. Everybody obviously enjoying themselves and taking a break from being solo artists.
  • George Harrison – The Last Performance (John Fugelsang): his last tv appearance, what was meant to be a promo for a Ravi Shankar cd became a lengthy interview and impromptu performance.  Great insights into how GH thought and felt.
  • Pete Seeger’s “Rainbow Quest Show”: an amazing cross section of folk legends introduced and accompanied by Pete soon after his return to the airwaves after his long ban due to McCarthyism.  Many of his guests appear uncomfortable in the studio but Pete makes them feel at home – heck he serves them coffee.  For more info see article in the Atlantic:
  • John Lennon’s Jukebox Parts 1 and 2: fascinating documentary on John Lennon’s personal portable jukebox which acts as a time capsule from the Beatle touring days. (Apparently, before the days of ipods or MP3’s there was the portable jukebox!).
  • John Prine & Ramblin Jack Elliot 1985: wonderfully rare interviews conduced by a laconic Bobby Bare.
  • The Jon Brion Show – Feat. Elliot Smith/Brad Mehldau (2000): great copy from VHS (replete with static and lines along the edges) of what appears to be a public access channel music program, no doubt aired during the wee hours and featuring the late great Elliott Smith! Very loose and laid back.
  • BBC Arena – Woody Guthrie (1988): thorough documentary on the author of This Land is Your Land and many other classics (BBC Arena has produced many great arts programs, check it out!)
  • “Appalachian Journey,” Alan Lomax (1991):  “Alan Lomax was an American field collector of folk music of the 20th century. He was also a folklorist, ethnomusicologist, archivist, writer, scholar, political activist, oral historian, and film-maker” (Wikipedia).
  • Woody Guthrie at 100: Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Will Kaufman Honor the “Dust Bowl Troubadour”: self explanatory.
  • Roy Buchanan – The Greatest Unknown Guitarist In The World – 1971 PBS Documentary: thorough doc on a nearly forgotten/sadly neglected guitar legend.
  • American Masters Pete Seeger, The Power of Song: wonderful look at the life of Pete Seeger, truly an American icon. What really comes across here is his genuine, deep humanity which knew no borders, gender, or race and his great appreciation of all sorts of music.
  • Harry Belafonte and Arlo Guthrie Induct Pete Seeger into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: one of the best speeches of all time! It will make you cry.
  • Lost Highway: The of Story of Country Music, episode “Beyond Nashville”: a BBC4 production about “renegade” or “outlaw” country music including Kristopherson, Cash, Earle, Williams, etc.
  • Captain Beefheart Full Documentary:  narrated by John Peel.
  • Bobby Womak: Across 110th Street :  offers insight into a much underappreciated artist.

  • Rough Trade Records Documentary:  inside look at an indie record company and its heady times!

  • JJ Cale & Leon Russell at the Paradise Studios, LA 1979: one of those magic-moment events miraculously caught on tape (check out the keyboardist’s – not Leon – fashion choice! Yipes!)

  • John Peel’s Record Box {Full show}: thorough doc on John Peel’s life, influences and legacy using his personal box of 45’s as the catalyst.

  • Folk Hibernia BBC4 2006: thorough history of contemporary Irish music, not nearly as boring as it might sound!

  • Iggy Pop – John Peel Lecture 2014, Free Music in a Capitalist Society: what’s most touching about this is how honored IP is to be selected to give a lecture, admitting that its the first lecture he’s ever been asked to present at age 60 something (and he’s damn good!)

  • The Life and Music of Ronnie Lane: BBC4 again, lovely tribute to a near forgotten artist who influenced many (Formerly of the Small Faces, Faces, Jeff Beck Group and a great album with Pete Townsend entitled: Rough Mix).

  • American Blues Festivals; the British Tours 1963-1966: rare performances by all the legends as they were just being rediscovered by the likes of John Mayall, Eric Clapton and The Stones.

  • Luke – A documentary on Luke Kelly (1999): member of The Dubliners and quintessential Irish folk singer.

  • George Harrison – This is Love (Official Video): very surprised to find a GH video I’d never seen before and a song of which I am rather fond! Shot in Hawaii where GH spent plenty of time during the English winters…


Thank you:  Youtube for giving us access to so much great stuff without demanding payment.  And to all Youtube channelers for the  devotion and care you put into your presentations.  We all benefit from your willingness to share.

photo credit: A Mighty Wind (a film by Christopher Guest)