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…comes from the Yasujirō Ozu movie, “Walk Cheerfully.” Watching any Ozu movie is a joy: simple, family oriented, real.  My thoughts on Ozu can be found here:

jbm 1/1/2017

about my favorite quotes:

I underline in my books (never in a library book).  Yeah, outrageous I know, but I figure if the book is worth underlining it is worth keeping (and visa versa).  Now the underlining may pay dividends as I can share them with you (these are the only sort of dividends I really care about).  My hope is that these quotes will encourage you to read the work in its entirety and/or check out the author’s other work.  Certainly, you will find your own favorite quotes.  Enjoy!

jbm 11/25/2016


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“Much of my life has been spent trying to find a quiet place to read.”  jbm 5/10/2018